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Sarky Comment (6 Dec 2005)

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Sarky Comment (6 Dec 2005)

Posted on 06 December 2005 by admin

The Times noted today that the island of Sark, in the Channel Islands, is considering a radical electoral reform.

Yes, from 2006 one person one vote may be coming to the island, although – we don’t want to be hasty – it hasn’t been finalised. The challenge to the existing rules, that include Droit de Seigneur (relax, only over property sales), comes not so much from the forces of democracy as the forces of plutocracy, as the Barclay brothers challenged the current system before the Privy Council. The judicial role of the Privy Council is hardly more defensible, but there we are. Incidentally, the modern go-ahead Times is now so opposed to feudalism that it seems unable to spell the word correctly.


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