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World of elections (28 Mar 2006)

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World of elections (28 Mar 2006)

Posted on 28 March 2006 by admin

There is a burst of elections going on in the world at the moment – Ukraine and Israel have received a certain amount of coverage but there’s also lots happening in other places. I’ve written elsewhere about Hungary – an exception electorally, as in most other things.

But last week there were also elections in two states of Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, the latter state using the Single Transferable Vote (known there as Hare-Clark). Labor returned to power in both. It is perhaps fitting to note that this is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Hare, pioneer electoral reformer and progenitor of the idea of STV.

My past blog entries here have demonstrated a certain amount of support for the Grand Coalition in Germany. This feeling seems to be shared by the German electorate. There were three state elections on Sunday (a day of the week when many sensible countries hold their polls). In Baden-Wuettemberg the CDU increased its already strong representation to within a seat of overall control. In Rheinland-Pfalz the SPD scored very well and won an overall majority, and in Sachsen-Anhalt the electorate deprived the previous CDU-FDP coalition of a majority and made a local Grand Coalition the most likely outcome. Where are all the prophets of doom in the British commentariat now?


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